Depositor Guide

Depositing into managed vaults

💰 Reasons to become a depositor

1. What if you discover the next Warren Buffet?
Valio lets you do that! Discover and invest in the next generation of trading and asset management superstars!
2. Diversified exposure to the asset management industry
You can achieve a diversified exposure to the asset management industry, from short term leverage traders to long term capital allocators and everything in between.
3. You are in control!
Valio is non-custodial and you can withdraw your funds at any time. Advanced security mechanics prevent nefarious managers from running away with your funds!

📥 Become a depositor and start betting on traders in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Browse the home page and explore section - find the right vault for you
Make sure you select a vault that’s right for you! Each vault has a different permission template, setting limits on what can be done with your capital. Permission templates range from conservative to high risk, and allow for different integrated instruments, levels of leverage and more. For more on this, check out the advanced user guide.
Step 2: Deposit and set automated exit conditions
Once you’ve found the right vault for you, make sure to set the automated exit conditions. These can be based on stop-loss, take-profit and CPIT conditions. For more info on these, check out the advanced user guide.
Step 3: Withdraw at any time
Valio does not lock up your capital - you can withdraw at any time after the initial 24 hour period, which is designed to prevent manipulation. You can either withdraw in-kind (a % of each asset that the manager has in the vault) or have your stake be converted into a single token such as USDC or ETH on withdrawal.