Take Profit / Stop Loss

How to use "Take Profit" and "Stop Loss" triggers in your Valio Vaults.

You can add a Close Trigger to existing, open positions.

TP/SL are currently only available for GMX.

First go to the Manage tab at the top, then select the Vault you'd like to perform your trades with.

Make sure you select the correct chain. For Vaults only deployed on a single chain, this will be Arbitrum.

If your vault is deployed to multiple chains - or if you'd like to deploy it to an additional chain - you can select your desired network from the navbar on the left. You can then select the type of trade you'd like to perform from this same navigation section.

From here you will have a screen of current positions / previous trades (bottom center), a chart for the currently selected pair (top center), and your open/increase position menu (right side).

The button to Close a position can be found in the list of your current positions (center bottom of screen), to the right of your current positions' information.

Creating Trigger Orders

You can add a Close Trigger to existing, open positions.

TP/SL are currently only available for GMX.

Select "Close" on an existing position.

The major section near the center of the screen, under the chart, is "Positions" and "Trades". Here you should see your active positions. (Recently opened positions may take a little bit to show up.) Click the Close button to the right of the position's information.

Select the "Trigger" tab.

This will bring up a menu enabling you to reduce or close (by selecting Max) the position, either via Market order, or Trigger order. Select the Trigger tab.

Provide Position Size, Target Price, Leverage

As with Market orders, you can either reduce or fully close the position (select Max). Then, set a target price.

For a Stop Loss trigger, the target price should be below the mark price, and above the liquidation price. For a Take Profit trigger, the target price should be above the mark price.

You can then either leave "Keep leverage at x" checked, or deselect it to reduce your leverage by the entered amount, rather than closing the position.

Create Order

That's it! Click "Create order" and give it a couple minutes to process and show up.

Managing Trigger Orders

From the same section you can select Close on an open position, you can select the Orders tab.

From there, you can either Cancel your current Trigger orders, or you can update them to a different target price, by selecting Edit. Enter your new target price, and select Update Order.

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