Frequently Asked Questions, Error Codes, and Oddities™

Depositing & Managing


Why are some transaction fees high?

To keep things running smoothly and reliably during our early launch phase, we're setting target fees for LayerZero transactions on the high side. Don't want Vault transactions getting stuck!

Dynamic fees: Coming Soon!

Why does my GMX PnL differ on the manage and "Close Position" screens?

For now, GMX fees are not accounted for in the PnL when closing a position.

Kwenta perpetuals: Coming Soon!

What is this Sync fee?

Omnichain Vaults must sync across all chains they're deployed to for deposits and withdrawals. This requires a transaction with a LayerZero message, and incurs a small fee. There may also be a delay up to a few minutes for the sync.

Syncing cross-chain to Vaults using Ethereum can be costly and takes some time. Be aware of this before backing Vaults deployed to Ethereum L1.


Deposits not working?

Currently, deposits are enabled for Arbitrum via USDCe and native USDC. Be sure to switch your network to Arbitrum.

Can't open a Vault on Optimism/Ethereum?

Similar to Deposits, Vaults can only be initially opened from Arbitrum. Once created, you can enable your vault to be cross-chain by switching to the Optimism trades tab when managing your vault!

Omnichain vaults have a couple additional considerations. Please see: Omnichain Syncing Sync Fees Omnichain Asset Withdrawals

I can Deposit but I can't Create a Vault?

This should be fixed now! Make sure you're creating the Vault via Arbitrum (see above).

Why can't I withdraw?

Make sure it's been at least 24 hours since your most recent deposit to that vault. Withdrawals are locked for 24hrs after depositing.

Omnichain Withdrawals | My withdrawal doesn't match what I was expecting!

When you deposit, you deposit USDC or USDCe. When you withdraw, you receive a pro rata share of each position that's in the vault, across all chains. In other words, if the Vault holds some WBTC and USDC on Arbitrum, with a bit of WETH on Optimism, you would receive your 'share' of all 3 of those assets, on their respective chains.

No Graph for Some Pairs

The team is working on getting the rest of our active trading pairs setup with price charts.

A bridge didn't complete and I'm locked out of bridging!

If a bridge transaction starts but for some reason is not completed within 20 minutes, it will be cancelled and subsequent bridge transactions will be blocked for 1 hour.

Error Codes

Max gmx requests... | Max gmx positions...

GMX only allows for 2 open requests, and 2 open positions at a time per vault. If your vault has either 2 open positions or 2 pending requests, you will not be able to open additional positions or submit more requests. Either wait for your pending requests to execute, or close a position to open another one.


I want to give feedback / I have a suggestion!

Head over to our Discord and drop your comments in the #suggestions-ideas channel!

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