SZN 0 - Prelude

SZN 0 is the first ever season on Valio. Anybody participating in SZN 0 will be considered a Valio pioneer and an early participant on the protocol - this will carry certain rewards.

About SZN 0:

  • Introduces users to the omnichain experience

  • Highlights trading perpetuals and spot markets

  • Caters to the more aggressive β€œgo big or go home” traders and asset managers mostly

  • Focus on building relationships between traders and depositors

  • Thoroughly testing the behaviour of the system - this is why deposits are capped to 500 USDC, and vault AUM at 5k USDC

  • SZN 0 participants will be considered OGs adopters of Valio

Reasons to participate:

  • Increased rewards for early adopters

  • Rewards for both activity and performance

  • Ability to earn status rewards

How to earn rewards?

  • Create a vault and let your friends know so they can back you. The better you do - the more rewards you will receive

  • Back traders and asset managers operating other vaults. You will be rewarded for identifying and backing top performers, but will not be penalised for backing vaults that don't succeed

  • Keep an eye out on twitter and discord for special bounties and chances to win prizes

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