Spot Trades

Swap Assets

First go to the Manage tab at the top, then select the Vault you'd like to perform your trades with.

Make sure you select the correct chain. For Vaults only deployed on a single chain, this will be Arbitrum.

If your vault is deployed to multiple chains - or if you'd like to deploy it to an additional chain - you can select your desired network from the navbar on the left. You can then select the type of trade you'd like to perform from this same navigation section.

From here you will have a screen of previous trades (bottom center), a chart for the currently selected pair (top center), and your swap menu (right side).

Submitting a Swap

Market Order

This should be a familiar screen for veteran traders. You can: Β· Select your input and output currency Β· Invert the input/output selections with the ↓↑ arrows Β· Adjust execution restrictions such as Max Slippage and gas price with the βš™ settings cog (near the bottom right) Β· Submit your Transaction

Be sure to adjust your max slippage. Our UI shows the worst-case scenario, but often your trades will go through at a better rate than displayed, given adequate liquidity.

Showing a 0 balance for USDC on Arbitrum? Make sure you have the right form of USDC/USDC.e selected!

Limit Order - Coming Soon

Available Protocols:


0x - Omnichan DEX Aggregator

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