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Manager Guide

Creating a vault and becoming a manager

🏆 Reasons to become a vault manager

1. Create a public track record - you can start from 0
You can start by trading with your own capital. If you do well, people will notice you and deposit into your vault. When they do, you’ll earn fees with no extra effort
2. Already a seasoned trader with a following? Monetise it on Valio!
Let your followers bet on you and win together!
3. Create private whitelisted vaults only accessible to those you invite
Pool together capital with friends and partners, and form a community

✔️ Become a manager in 3 easy steps and start earning fees!

Step 1: In the “Manage” section on select “Create vault”
Go through the steps to set up and deploy your vault. Make sure you select the right vault permissions, as you won’t be able to change them later (but you can deploy more vaults at any time). For a more advanced explanation understanding of the vault configuration, visit the advanced user guide. Once your settings are complete, create the vault and deploy it on chain.
Step 2: Deposit your own capital or let others know about your vault
A great way to attract more capital initially, is to start by depositing your own funds. This way, you will be able to build a track record and create a name for yourself. You can also link your social accounts to your vault! With time, let your performance speak for yourself - the better you perform, the more users will discover your vault and deposit in it.
Step 3: Earn and collect fees
Now that you are a successful manager, time to start trading and collecting fees! Management fees can be collected whenever a new depositor deposits into your vault, and performance fees are calculated based on a high water mark. To learn more about how fees and withdrawals work, check out the advanced user guide.